Hnst Dad Denim Ecru

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Evocative of the classic Dad jean, the Torie sits mid waist, with a voluminous 1970's wide leg. Made from HNST's Undyed denim.

  • Fits true to size.
  • Mid-weight, non-stretch fabric.

HNST Undyed denim
80% recycled cotton*
20% organic cotton
Made in Italy 
Certificates: OCS, GRS, OEKO-TEX 100

Pocket lining
100% cotton 
Made in Spain 
Certificates: BCI

Stitching yarn
100% post-consumer recycled polyester 
Made in Portugal 
Certificates: GRS 

100% Jacron 
Made in Italy 
Certificates: FSC, OEKO-TEX 100

Unscrewable buttons
100% brass 
Made in China 
Certificates: OEKO-TEX 100

Pocket prints
PVC-free ink
Made in Spain
Certificates: OEKO-TEX 100

Low impact
6645 liters less water
83% less CO2
no unnecessary chemicals
no plastic fibers or coatings
fully vegan

Eco-friendly washings
Undyed fabric: zero dyes, only a simple rinse

Designed for recycling
100% circular: designed to be efficiently recycled at scale